The true Finnish original

The brand 62°Fox®  is a statement that all furs certified with the 62°Fox® brand originates from Finland. The quality of furs produced north of the 62° latitude is unique and we want to assure you that your fur is of the highest possible standard. All furs certified by 62°Fox® are also fully traceable. Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with our certificate of origin and 62°Fox®.

Benefits in origin and quality

Guaranteed finnish furs. The high pelt quality is due to the natural variation of sunlight during the year, north of the 60th latitude. Distinct seasons with white summer nights and dark winter days have an impact on the fur quality and coat growth. These unique natural circumstances cannot be copied elsewhere in the world. The same fox will grow a coat of completely different quality if it is bred in more southern latitudes. 62°Fox® is a trademark for genuine fur of the highest quality, one that cannot be copied. 62°Fox® guarantees the origin of its pelts. The true origin cannot be copied, ever.

Government approved

Approved and certified by the Finnish Chamber of Commerce. The brand 62°Fox®, the guarantee of Finnish origin and the production above the 62nd degree latitude has been certified by the Ostrobothnia Chamber Of Commerce and has the full and unconditional support of Finnish authorities. We keep an open dialogue and communication with all partners and the 62°Fox® certificate offer complete transparency. Finland also holds the strictest animal protection laws in the world and all farms certified with 62°Fox® must fulfill every criteria necessary for this. For more information and details about how to get your own certification, please contact us today.


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