bf-brand-imageProud to be Finnish

At Bertula Fur we are proud of our heritage. We as well as our products are born and bread in the region of Ostrobothnia in Finland. Our hometown of Nykarleby is well known for its entrepreneurial inhabitants. We take great pride in our ability to produce world class products, in our case furs, for the global trade. Bertula Fur is part of a family company with its roots within the fur trade stretching back all the way to 1947.

You see, when we produce a fur product we fine tune it to perfection. All our prouducts are made from locally sourced raw materials and all of our furs are certified by 62° Fox®. This is not only a quality certificate, but also a guarantee that the fur certified with 62° Fox® is a fur produced north of the 62° degree latitude. This guarantees that the fur is produced about 400 km north of Helsinki. Why is this important you may ask?

Well, a fur that is produced around these parts have a unique quality and luster that can not be copied anywhere in the world. It is all due to Finlands long, dark cold winters and our endless bright summer nights. Our seasons make our furs the best in the world and it is a privliage for us at Bertula Fur to present the global fashion industry with guaranteed Finnish fur products.


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